26-year-old man arrested, charged in shooting death of Sierra Rhodd in Cypress

HOUSTON – A man has been arrested and charged in the shooting death of Sierra Rhodd, a disabled woman who was killed while sleeping in her bed in Cypress.

The Harris County Assistant District Attorney charged Andre Colson, 26, with felony murder on Saturday.

Colson is charged for recklessly discharging a firearm at and in the direction of a home and thereby cause the death of Rhodd on Sept. 13.

Previously, investigators arrested another person in connection to the murder. However, the charges were dismissed because of a lack of probable cause.

According to detectives, a group of assailants surrounded the Rhodd family’s home and opened fire with at least a rifle, shotgun and pistol. While the motive for the shooting remains unclear, the family believed the suspects intended to target Sierra’s 15-year-old brother.

Deputies found dozens of shell casings from the streets to the front yard, and they believe that multiple shooters from multiple vehicles were involved.

A few days later, Sierra’s father, Michael Rhodd, was shot to death by her grandfather, authorities said. The grandfather told authorities he fired in self-defense after the altercation became violet.

At the time, authorities did not know if the deaths were related.

Authorities said this is Colson’s first arrest. The judge set bond at $80,000 dollars with certain conditions, including no weapons and no contact with anyone at the Rhodd residence.

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