5 things for Houstonians to know for Friday, August 14

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Here are things you need to know for Friday, August 14:

1. Texas hospitalizations below 7,000 for first time in weeks

Texas reported fewer than 7,000 hospitalized coronavirus patients for the first time in six weeks Thursday, but that encouraging sign was clouded by questions over testing as schools reopen and college football teams push ahead with playing this fall.

Testing has dropped off in Texas, a trend seen across the U.S. as health experts worry that people who are not symptomatic are not bothering to seek tests because of long lines and the prospect of waiting days to get results.

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2. Family says online spat led to murder of 28-year-old mother of 5 in northeast Houston

Family members of a woman killed Aug. 6 in northeast Houston said she had nothing to do with the online spat the led to a real-world confrontation. Community members said a confrontation that was supposed to be a fist-fight ended in gunfire on Gallahad Street at North Wayside Drive.

A 41-second bystander video encapsulates the chaos that led to the murder of Tammy Goody, 28, a mother of five.