Crosby ISD offers creative solution to WiFi problems to help bridge digital divide

CROSBY, Texas – Everyone’s situation at home is different with respect to technology. But right now, for students who are learning remotely, being able to connect to the internet without having issues is imperative.

On the first day of remote learning, the Crosby Independent School District tackled the issue of digital inequality by taking steps to try and level the playing field for students who may not have access to a strong connection to the internet.

What is Park N’ Learn?

Starting Thursday, Crosby ISD students can go to any of the district’s seven campuses and park in the lot, connect to the WiFi and complete their school work.

The district’s new “Park N’ Learn” program includes free 24/7 secured WiFi access. Students can log in with the same account they would use as if they were in a classroom.

“We want to be able to give them the same opportunities that our other students have. we want to be able to give them that internet at home so that their kids can continue instruction as if they were in the classroom,” said Amy Davis, Crosby ISD’s Director of Technology Services.

Bridging the digital divide

Crosby ISD conducted a survey last month to find out how many families have internet access at home. While the majority of the district’s 6,400 students are in good shape, district leaders want to make sure those who don’t can still log on and complete their course work until the 400 MiFi devices they ordered arrive.

In a time where kids across our area are unable to physically attend school because of high COVID-19 numbers, remote learning has highlighted the issues of digital inequality. How to bridge that gap continues to be top of mind for educators and parents all across the greater Houston area.

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