Family says online spat led to murder of 28-year-old mother of 5 in northeast Houston

Family says online spat led to murder of 28-year-old mother of 5 in northeast Houston
Family says online spat led to murder of 28-year-old mother of 5 in northeast Houston

HOUSTON – Family members of a woman killed Aug. 6 in northeast Houston said she had nothing to do with the online spat the led to a real-world confrontation. Community members said a confrontation that was supposed to be a fist-fight ended in gunfire on Gallahad Street at North Wayside Drive.

A 41-second bystander video encapsulates the chaos that led to the murder of Tammy Goody, 28, a mother of five. A copy of the video was obtained by community activist Quannel X. The man who shot the video can be heard screaming for another person to leave the area because “they got guns.”

Not much is seen on the video, save for the interior of a car and later, when it appears the man making the recording is running with the phone in his hand. For one moment the video does show a man kneeling over the body of a woman lying motionless on the street.

“I miss my daughter, every morning. Her babies wake up with me and they ask me, ‘Grandma, when my mama coming home?’ I don’t know what to tell them,” said Patricia Goody. “It hurts, I want justice for my child, please.”

Quanell X said, “this murder did not have to take place.” The activist along with Goody’s friends and family said an online argument between two people led to the challenge of a fistfight in the real world. Quanell X said Goody just happened to be there at the time.

“When people talking about fist-fighting and then you show up with guns in your hand, that’s premeditated murder to me,” said Quanell X. “This was an innocent young woman. She had no weapon, she had no firearm, she had no knife, she had no stick. She was really just a bystander that was watching what was going on.”

Goody’s friend, Kalyn Boudreaux, said he tried to get everyone to clear out of the area when he realized what was about to happen.

“I told them, ‘let’s go, we fixing to leave,’ when some other people pulled up and when they pulled up, they started shooting right there,” said Boudreaux. “We was leaving, she’s was right there trying to get to her car, by herself.”

Goody was struck in the gunfire and police said she was taken to a nearby fire station. Paramedics then rushed her to a hospital where she died. The shooters are still on the run

Quanell X said all social posts and the video have been handed over to the police. If you know anything about this murder, you’re asked to contact the Houston Police Department or make an anonymous Crimestoppers tip at (713) 222-TIPS.

The family has also started a GoFundme page to raise money for funeral costs.