Astroworld Tragedy: A closer look at the six people who were not indicted

HOUSTON – Investigators have now spent 19 months thoroughly investigating the Astroworld concert disaster, an event that took the lives of 10 victims, the youngest being only 9 years old.

After a Harris County grand jury looked at the evidence on Thursday, it was deemed none of the parties involved will be held criminally responsible for the Astroworld concert disaster.

Those targeted by the review include Brent Silberstein, John Janell, Shawna Boardman, Italie Ockendon, Seth Boardman, and Jacques Webster II, AKA Travis Scott.

While Travis Scott is the highest profile individual in the trial, KPRC 2 Investigates looked into the Astroworld Operation Plan document and other resources to understand how some of the remaining individuals were involved in the tragedy.

Seyth Boardman played a large role in Astroworlds’ operation plan, specifically as the Safety and Risk Director. He worked alongside Shawna Boardman.

Both were examined by the jury; neither were indicted. Emily Ockenden’s name was at the top of the immediate call list in a disaster scenario.

On LinkedIn, she identifies herself as a production and touring director with 15 years of international experience.

Brent Silberstein was also on that list. His role was described as a local promoter and higher executive in the Astroworld operations team.

John Junell was a senior director in charge of security for Live Nation, the company which held the event at NRG Stadium.

While this ruling clears the following individuals of criminal charges, this does not mean those involved are completely cleared of liability.

Several civil cases are still open against several individuals and entities involved in the tragedy.