Is exercising outdoors safe during the coronavirus crisis?

HOUSTON – Gyms are closed but the quarantine doesn't mean you have to be confined to the indoors.

In fact, doctors say exercising right now may help you boost your physical and mental health during this crisis.

Getting outdoors to exercise is recommended, even during these times when people are encouraged to avoid people as much as possible. The key is you should keep a safe distance, about six feet from other people.

The president and CEO of Houston Methodist said coronavirus is mostly droplet transmitted (like from drops expelled by a cough or sneeze). What is airborne, he said, is more likely to be blown away in the wind if you’re outside.

Outside, there are fewer places for germs to collect too but you may want to stick to biking or activities where you’re not sharing equipment.

It is not recommended to be close to other people or gather indoors at all.


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