This 3D video shows how much water Hurricane Laura could bring to some areas

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HOUSTON – As Hurricane Laura nears, people along the Gulf Coast are making preparations for the storm and any potential hazards it could bring.

The impact looks to be the Texas-Louisiana border with some of the hardest-hit areas including Beaumont, Sabine Pass, and Lake Charles.

Laura continues to strengthen in the Gulf and is expected to make landfall as a Category 4 storm. Apart from the extremely high winds, Hurricane Laura is expected to create dangerous a dangerous storm surge.

According to The Weather Channel, some parts of Louisiana and Texas could get over 9 feet of water due to the storm surge.

The channel shared a video on Twitter showing exactly what that amount of water looks like when compared to a person.

According to the tweet, people who need to evacuate before it is too late.

KPRC 2 meteorologist Frank Billingsley put together an article on what Hurricane Laura’s storm surge. In it, you can learn what the storm surge means for the strike zone, and why it is expected to be so devastating.

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