5 sites you should have bookmarked to use when it floods


HOUSTON – Like or not, flooding is a reality that many in Houston have to face far more often than anyone would expect. When it happens, it can be tricky to find reliable sources of real-time information so that you can make decisions.

All of the weather information here at Click2Houston.com is a great place to start. Our free KPRC2 News app and Frank’s Forecast app is also a great resource of information.

There’s also several other websites we have bookmarked at KPRC2 to check on a regular basis whenever the weather turns dangerous. So, here’s a list of those trusted websites and the social media accounts for these agencies.

Harris County Flood Warning System

This website is basically a one-stop shop for flooding information. It has everything from current rainfall amounts to bayou levels to inundation maps. It’s maintained by the Harris County Flood Control District. There’s more information about that agency below.


Harris County Flood Control District

This is a great resource to find out which watershed you live in, and that information will come in real handy when flooding happens. You’ll hear officials talk about watersheds by specific names a lot.

HCFCD.org | Twitter | Facebook

Houston TranStar

When it comes to knowing what the roads around Houston are like during nasty weather, Houston TranStar is a great place to start. In addition to near real-time traffic conditions, this site lists high-water locations around the city. That will come in real handy when you have to find a different route to your destination.

HoustonTranStar.org | Twitter | Facebook

Ready Harris

This site is very useful when it comes to preparing for a disaster. You can sign up for emails that you’ll get whenever there’s an emergency situation or dangerous weather.

ReadyHarris.org | Twitter | Facebook

National Weather Service

This agency is responsible for issuing all the weather-related advisories, watches and warnings that you’ll hear about during a severe weather event.

Weather.gov/hgx | Twitter | Facebook

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