FBCA Magazine Feature: The Cap

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Kram is a Fort Bend Christian Academy lifer, who has starred on the diamond since his freshman season.

As the catcher, he revels in being the quarterback of the team.

\"I enjoy being a team captain figure," he said. "It's my strength. From a defensive perspective, that's what a catcher is supposed to do, right?"

As a junior, Kram was a first-team, all-district selection and the Team MVP. Kram was also an academic all-state selection, which makes sense because he is headed to Princeton to play college ball.

"I was in eighth grade when I really got motivated to play baseball in college," he said. "Princeton was my No. 1 choice. It offers an elite education and I'm able to play on the DI level. It's the best of both worlds.

"I'd take it if I were to be drafted, but I am really focused on getting the best education I can to pursue a career after college and baseball."

Kram has his eye on the future, however, the not-so distant future.

"I'm looking at getting into computer science," he said. "I'm really interested in AI (Artificial Intelligence). I find it really interesting."

While Kram will continue to call pitches from behind the plate in college, he's still disappointed how this season ended. "It was tough," he said. "I hate it for the guys who may never get a chance to play organized baseball again. I can't imagine it ending like that. I feel for them."

The senior, Kram took a minute to reflect on his days as an Eagle.

"FBCA has a great sense of community," he said. "Everyone just fits in and gets along with each other. The teachers were great, and you could build a personal relationship with them. It was all about communication and it really helps in your academics.

"My fondest memory? It had to be playing at Minute Maid park against Second Baptist. That was a dream come true."

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