Stop sharing personal information! How ‘Back-to-School’ photos can endanger your child, family, finances

Think before you share! (KPRC)

HOUSTON – The first day of school is around the corner. As many kids are picking out their fashionable attire to impress their new friends, parents are expected to snap photos of their children and post them to their social media to share those moments with family and friends.

While the social media Back-to-School photos are a classic every year, they could be endangering your child, family and finances.

According to Constable Mark Herman’s Office, revealing personal information about your child’s school name, teacher, age and more can be used by predators, scammers and others who are looking to harm your children.

The privacy settings on your phone or social media will not always protect you and your family from the dangers of the internet and personal information. Officials say it is best to keep personal information offline.

Here’s what authorities say you should NEVER share online:

  • School name
  • Age
  • Teacher’s name and grade
  • Identifying features, such as height, weight, etc.
  • Overly personal information (think items related to passwords or security question answers, etc.)

If your photo has any of this information, it is best to blur or cross out the sensitive answers before posting online.

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