Back-to-school mom hacks from Baby Chick 🐥

HOUSTON – Nina Spears is a bona fide mom guru thanks to her years as a local doula and newborn care specialist and her popular online community Baby Chick, where she reaches about 16 million people per month.

She has supported hundreds of families during their pregnancies, births, and postpartum journeys in the greater Houston area.

She stopped by Houston Life to show you some of her favorite hacks to make back-to-school season less stressful for you and your kiddos.

Check out her complete interview and tips in the video above.

Here are Spears’ tips:

  • Pick out the week’s clothing in advance with this divider. No more arguing about what your child will wear each morning!
  • Kids often lose their items when at school. This is why it’s important to label everything! But instead of writing their name on everything by hand, use these name stickers! They stay put even through the dishwasher and washing machine! Then when your kid outgrows their clothes, pull the stickers off and let your next little one enjoy the garment with their name on it.
  • What kid likes the crust on their sandwich? Not many! These sandwich cutters and sealers make it so much simpler. It’s basically making your own uncrustable sandwiches for your kids! And I can show two yummy things you can do with the leftover crusts - make toad in a hole breakfast or cut up the crusts to make a French toast bake!
  • Getting kids’ hair ready before school can be time-consuming. This mist spray bottle helps do boys’ and girls’ hair easily. And when you need to take an elastic out of your little one’s hair with out the screams and tears, this elastic tie cutter makes it simple!

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About the Author:

Beatriz is a producer for Houston life. She’s a dog mom who enjoys traveling and eating her way through new cities and cultures.