Amazon delivery driver mauled by dog in San Leon loses chunk of his leg

SAN LEON, Texas – As an Amazon delivery driver, Keith Hailey is used to being quick on his feet. After what happened to him at the end of his shift on July 23, he said he’s not sure he’ll ever be able to walk the same again.

“I had one more package across the street,” Hailey said. “As I’m walking, all I hear is ‘growl’… look like a coyote or wolf family.”

It was at a San Leon home on 24th St., where Hailey says he found himself face to face with a fully grown Belgian Malinois, which is similar to a large German Shepherd.

“As soon as I hear the chain rattling, I’m running for the streets ‘cause I already know… so as I’m running, I feel the teeth entering my leg,” he said.

The extent of his injuries was too graphic to show.

“My whole calf gone,” he said.

Adding insult to injury, Hailey said the neighbor who he ran to for help, told him the dog had attacked people before.

“She was like ‘Wait,’ she told me exactly what it was. She said ‘That dog across the street, right?’ She said ‘Man, that dog attacks people constantly,’” Hailey said.

Animal control officials said they’re aware of one prior attack which led the dog to be quarantined, but following protocol, it was given back after 10 days when the owner presented the necessary paperwork.

“We need changes. This should not happen again ever,” said Hailey’s mother, Deborah Smith.

Galveston County Sheriff’s Office officials said after Hailey was attacked, the dog’s owner was not cited because it was in his own yard and he willingly gave the dog to animal control where it’s been since then.

Because the dog was quarantined before, we were told animal control officials are working on finalizing the paperwork to have it put down.

Amazon said they’re looking into the incident but didn’t provide further comment.

Galveston County Sheriff’s Office officials offered some advice.

  • Owners receiving packages should tether their animals in their yards on appropriate leashes.
  • Have signage stating there’s a dog on the property.
  • Delivery drivers should blow horns or a whistle when entering a yard and keep the pepper spray handy, just in case.
  • Look for signs of a dog like a bowl of toys.
  • If you do come across a dog, don’t turn your back on it.

Hailey, who said there were no signs giving a warning about the dog in the yard or on his Amazon app like there should’ve been, is planning legal action.


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