Man mauled to death by dogs in northwest Houston, police say

HOUSTON – A man is dead after police say he was mauled by two or three dogs in northwest Houston.

Officers responded to reports of an attack in the 5500 block of Sheraton Oaks Drive around 4:15 p.m.

Police said the neighbor’s dogs somehow got through the fence and started attacking the victim’s dogs. When the man saw what was happening, officers said they believe he tried to intervene and was mauled by the dogs.

“Officers arrived, along with the fire department. They found an adult male in a residence here. There was at least one dog attacking the person when the fire department got here,” said Lt. Larry Crowson with the Houston Police Department.

When officers arrived, they said a dog was feeding on the man.

Police said one of the dogs charged an officer.

“The officer fired one shot, striking the dog and the dog ran off back in the other yard,” Lt. Crowson said.

Investigators from BARC are now looking into the dogs believed responsible.

Police said the Harris County District Attorney’s Office would determine whether the dog’s owner would be charged.

They said the owner remained on the scene and cooperated with investigators.

Police did not release the victim’s identity, but said he was in his 30′s. Several neighbors described him as quiet with visible physical disabilities.

“He was always out checking the mail and would come to play with my cats or call my cats,” said neighbor Edward Lorenzo.

This is a developing story. Continue to check back for more details.

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