Family of woman murdered outside of Trinity Gardens home holds prayer vigil, asking for suspect’s bond to be revoked

HOUSTON – On Tuesday night, dozens of candles lit up the area outside of a home in Trinity Gardens, where a woman was shot dead last Thursday.

Police said the woman’s boyfriend was arrested at the scene on Sandra Street near Weaver Road after admitting to shooting her. He was later given a $250,000 bond.

While the reason behind the shooting seems to be jealousy, the victim’s loved ones want everyone to know how much she was loved as they lobby to keep the accused killer off the streets.

“As we gather, we pray, we give thanks, and we try to understand,” said one loved one at the vigil.

He and many others called her death a senseless tragedy that didn’t have to happen.

Cindy Camarillo’s mother, Maria Guzman, is asking for prayers and now remembering her only daughter as an excellent caring mother and child.

Guzman hopes the justice system prosecutes Camarillo’s boyfriend and alleged killer, 39-year-old Santiago Vallejo, to the fullest extent of the law. Officials said he shot and killed Camarillo around 9:45 Thursday night outside the home they’d just moved into weeks earlier. Camarillo’s 14-year-old son witnessed the domestic violence unfold.

“He (Camarillo’s son) was in his room playing a video game and he heard them talking. He thought they were just playing and giggling and stuff like that and when it started becoming a little loud, he thought nothing of it, but he knew they stepped outside,” said family friend Sergio Vasquez.

Moments later, Camarillo’s son reportedly heard a loud bang and rushed outside to find his mother lifeless, so he tried to do CPR, but Camarillo died at the scene. Officials say when they arrived, they found Vallejo outside with his hands up saying, ‘I did it, I did it.’

“The ripple effects of this will extend far and wide through our community and it’ll also echo through time with the people closest to her,” Vasquez said.

Camarillo’s viewing is Wednesday, and the burial is on Thursday.

Vallejo’s arrangement is set for September 13.

The family has set up a GoFundMe to help with expenses.

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