Breaking Free: 3 women die in same week after jumping, exiting moving vehicles during possible domestic disturbances

HOUSTON – Three women are dead after law enforcement officers say they got into an argument with either their boyfriend or male friend inside of a car last week.

Cassandra Caraballo, 19, died on Feb. 7 when the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said she jumped from an SUV on Barker Cypress Rd. after a domestic disturbance with her boyfriend, who deputies said drove off afterwards but later returned.

Nora Garza, Caraballo’s aunt, said after speaking with witnesses, she doesn’t believe her niece jumped.

“She opened the passenger side door to get her things. I think she thought, ‘well he’s not giving me my car so let me get my things out,’” Garza said. “I could imagine that she wanted to probably ask him, this is what we think, to probably ask him to ‘let me out let me out.’ And when she was ready to get out, I think he speed.”

On Feb. 8, Houston police said an unidentified woman was arguing with her boyfriend in the 7200 block of Galveston Rd. when she took her seatbelt off and exited the moving vehicle. The pickup truck the pair was in hit the woman and killed her.

In another instance, Harris County deputies said a 25-year-old woman jumped out of a moving car onto the North Freeway on Feb. 10. The fatal crash happened in the 3000 block of I-45 N. Deputies said the woman asked the male driver, a friend, to let her out of the car multiple times after their argument but he refused.

Authorities have not charged any of the male drivers in relation to the women’s deaths, but two are facing charges for driving while intoxicated.

KPRC2 legal analyst Brian Wice says it’s best to withhold judgement as the investigation can change at any moment.

“While every crime is a tragedy, every tragedy is not a crime. That’s not to say that any or all of these defendants may be criminally charged or may walk away without charges being filed in connection with the death of their partners,” Wice said.

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