Breaking Free: The state of domestic violence in Texas

HOUSTON – The state of domestic violence is very dangerous not only in Texas but across the country.

The Texas Advocacy Project CEO Heather Bellino joined KPRC 2′s Lisa Hernandez and Brandon Walker to give more insight on what the state is facing and how ‘Breaking Free’ is possible.

“There were 204 people that killed due to domestic violence in the State of Texas, and sadly 46 of those deaths in the [Houston] area,” she tells us.

To aid victims, Bellino shares folks can make action plans while they work to get out of an abusive relationship. She advises those looking for help to work with professionals who can help them navigate to a better life.

On a state level, she says legislators are looking at a series of bills that would immediately help victims.

Help exists. This week, KPRC 2 presents “Breaking Free”. We are partnering with law enforcement and agencies across our area to bring you a weeklong series focused on stopping partner violence. The goal is to provide support, resources, and solutions that can save lives.

You will find links to our coverage as it airs in the schedule below, but help is available immediately if you need it through the following numbers:

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