Conroe lawn care company cleans up Navy veteran’s yard for free

HOUSTON – A Conroe business owner saw a need and he made the drive to Houston to fulfill it.

Ted Ludwig of Grass Knuckles Lawn Care unloaded his equipment and spent the day mowing and cleaning up 91-year-old Jessie Lara’s north Houston yard.

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Grass Knuckles Lawn Care LLC out of Conroe cleaned up Navy veteran Jessie Lara's yard for free. (KPRC)

The navy veteran has received code violations from the city of Houston for high grass and weeds, but Lara is unable to keep the property mowed by himself. Ludwig, who just started the lawn care business with his sons four months ago, saw our stories about Lara and his $4,000 water bill. He contacted KPRC 2 to ask if he could help.

“He just seems like he needs it,” Ludwig explained. “He’s 91. He’s got a lot of help in other ways, but just the simple things like the lawn, the fence line.”

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Ludwig’s team cleared all of the overgrowth and poison ivy off Lara’s fence and hauled all of it away as a way to say ‘thank you’ to Lara for his service to our country. Grass Knuckles chooses one person to receive a complimentary lawn service each month. You can contact the company at (936) 443-2411.

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