Houston Astros’ translator reflects on working with team

Houston Astros’ translator Jenloy Herrera reflects on working with team (KPRC 2)

HOUSTON – The Astros have many Spanish-speaking players and the team’s official translator is guiding them along the way.

“My biggest goal is I just want the guy’s message to get across. Obviously, the moment is big, the crowds are very loud, but the number one goal is that their message gets across,” said Jenloy Herrera.

At games, you see Herrera next to some of the best players in baseball and a part of some of the biggest moments in Astros history.

“I moved to the United States when I was 8 years old in 2001,” said Herrera.

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Born in the Dominican Republic, Herrera moved to Chester, Pennsylvania, a small town outside of Philly.

“I was basically the sole translator for my parents, whether it was doctor’s visits, things that came in the mail, I was the one that they would go to for that,” he said.

Herrera played baseball growing up and majored in Spanish at Penn State.

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He started working with the Astros last year, during their run for a second championship.

“During the moment, I was just so locked in of everything else happening, just trying to stay focused... a couple of days after the World Series ended and actually I was like, ‘Oh my God, Like, this is actually happening,’” said Herrera.

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Whether it’s Yordan Alvarez from Cuba or Framber Valdez from the Dominican Republic, Herrera said it’s all about working together.

“The guys also do a great job to me. They make it easy for me. They project, especially in this very loud environment, so they do make it easier for me,” said Herrera.

This year, he’s looking forward to working with about ten Astros players, guiding them through another big season.

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“So me, being able to help guys that come from a different country. Me moving here from a different country and not speaking the language, it is very near and dear to my heart,” he said.

Herrera said the World Series playing against the Phillies was extra special. His parents were able to go to a game and watch him at work doing what he loves.

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