‘I was scared, but I had to go’: Nurse who attempted to help rapper Takeoff speaks following deadly shooting

HOUSTON – At around 2:30 Tuesday morning, a nurse who lives near 810 Billards and Bowling, and asked not to be identified, was jolted by the sounds of gunfire, then loud screams.

”He was screaming, ‘AHHH!,’ she said. “So I’m thinking that’s the victim.”

That’s when she says guided by faith, her veteran first responder instincts kicked in and she rushed to the scene.

”I was scared, but I had to go,” she said.

Following the screams, she says she took an elevator to the third floor and once she got upstairs she immediately ran to help.

”I could not have lived with myself if I knew I had the equipment to save his life and I didn’t,” she said.

The victim ended up being 28-year-old Kirshnik Khari Ball better known as the rapper Takeoff of the internationally known hip-hop group Migos.

As it turns out, he wasn’t the one screaming, but rather his uncle and fellow group member Quavo.

”I could feel my heart beating like it was in my throat,” she said.

By the time she got there she says Takeoff had no pulse, his eyes were rolled back and there was a pool of blood behind his head.

”I can’t pronounce someone dead, but I think he was deceased,” she said.

She says she never heard of the rapper before but is praying hard for his loved one’s strength and that the shooter will come forward.

”I just can’t imagine his mom, you know I’m a mother so I’ve always been fearful that this could be my kid,” she said.


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