5 things for Houstonians to know for Thursday, August 26

Houston ISD school bus
Houston ISD school bus (Pixabay)

Here are things to know for Thursday, August 26:

1. Growing COVID crisis: The effects and costs of Long COVID Syndrome

Millions of Americans who caught, fought and survived COVID-19 and no longer have the virus are now battling a much longer-term disease now being called Long COVID Syndrome.

These are people plagued by a whole host of after-effects of the COVID virus that can be devastating.

“I haven’t gotten over COVID-19. Every day is suffering and agony. I’ve been sick for 18 months. Eighteen months of living a nightmare every day,” said Miranda Erlanson.

Erlanson is a wife, mother and former Austin ISD school teacher who is currently battling Long COVID Syndrome and suffering horrific problems with her heart, lungs, throat, stomach, legs and hands.

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2. Harris County meteorologist Jeff Lindner answers your questions about what’s happening in the tropics

In a weather preparation event, Jeff Lindner, the Harris County meteorologist who became famous for his enduring presence through trouble during Hurricane Harvey, spoke with our KPRC 2 meteorologists Frank Billingsley and Justin Stapleton about what’s brewing in the tropics. They also discussed how to keep informed whenever flooding rain is in the forecast in the future.

View the full broadcast in the video player on the page linked below.

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3. ‘School just started’: Gary Herod Elementary notifies parents about attempted abduction of student

Parents with students at Gary Herod Elementary in Meyerland are were on alert Wednesday after receiving a message Tuesday night from the school’s principal.

“This is an important message for Herod Elementary parents from Principal Colion,” the voicemail and letters read. “We received reports that an unknown female attempted to abduct one of our students as he was walking on Mullins street as he was walking home.”

Houston Independent School District confirmed that the attempted kidnapping happened around 3 p.m. and stated that the child was able to get away unharmed.

“Me and my mom, we were shocked because school just started and they already starting this already,” Victoria Walker, a Herod elementary parent. “So we were terrified because, like, these kids are waking home every day.”

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4. Spring ISD bus driver says he was punched in the face, doused with burning chemical by 2 unknown assailants

A Spring ISD bus driver that doesn’t want to be identified said he had the ride of his life while trying to pick up students from Wells Middle School Friday morning.

He said he encountered an enraged woman at Howell Tree Lane and Cypress station.

“Her comment was, ‘Why did you hit my daughter?’ I said to her ‘I have not touched your daughter or any other student,’” he said.

The 70-year-old bus driver said he had completed a write-up for a girl who was misbehaving the day before, but the woman wasn’t interested in anything he had to say.

“When she put her foot up on the first step I started to say do not... and the next thing you know I got hit in the head,” he said.

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5. ‘It’s been terrible’: Bus driver shortage leads to overcrowding, long delays for some Houston area families

Houston-area school districts are short on bus drivers, leading to overcrowding and sometimes hourslong delays for families.

“Many of our drivers are covering double routes,” Lamar CISD in Fort Bend County said in a statement. “Some of our elementary buses may also temporarily have three students to a seat.”

LCISD is currently short 50 bus drivers. The district has asked all certified employees to help fill the gaps, including mechanics and dispatchers.

“Starting pay for bus drivers is $19.39 an hour. Lamar CISD also offers in-house, paid CDL training, and medical and dental benefits,” the district statement continued. “Individuals interested…can apply at www.lcisd.org.”

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