India the tiger beats Texas summer heat during a splash at animal sanctuary

India stays cool in the summer heat. (N/A, The HSUS)

It’s been a while since India, the missing tiger that captured Houstonians’ attention in May, made new headlines.

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So, what’s he been up to?

In May, India was transferred to Black Beauty Ranch, an animal sanctuary in North Texas.

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A new update from the sanctuary shares that India is spending his first summer at the sanctuary living the good life, splashing around to keep cool in the Texas heat.

India is joined by another former “pet” tiger Elsa who similarly was found roaming a Texas neighborhood earlier this year.

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“It is particularly special to see India and Elsa experiencing life here since this is their first summer. They are having a blast being energetic young tigers exploring the water and their large habitats...” Black Beauty Ranch senior director Noelle Almrud said. “India is fascinated with the waterspout in his pool. These animals who once suffered at the hands of humans, are now safe and will never have to worry about anything ever again.”

India stays cool in the summer heat. (The HSUS)
India stays cool in the summer heat. (The HSUS)

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