Woman accused of bogus 911 calls leading up to Harding Street raid pleads guilty

Patricia Garcia is seen in this mug shot provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety. (KPRC)

HOUSTON – The woman accused of making a series of fake 911 calls, setting into motion the events that led to the Harding Street police raid, has pleaded guilty.

According to court documents obtained Wednesday by KPRC 2, Patricia Ann Garcia has pleaded guilty to a charge of false information and hoaxes.

Federal prosecutors said Garcia, who lived near the Harding Street home where the raid happened, made a series of calls to 911 in January 2019. Prosecutors said she told authorities that her daughter was inside of the home with heavily armed drug dealers. Prosecutors said she also reported that people in the home were doing crack cocaine and heroin.

The police raid happened 20 days later. Rhogena Nicholas and Dennis Tuttle, who lived at the home, died in the raid.

Garcia is scheduled to be sentenced on June 8, according to court documents.

Twelve current or former Houston police officers have been charged as part of an investigation that was launched after the raid.

Former Officer Gerald Goines has been charged with murder. He’s accused of lying on an affidavit used to obtain the warrant that led to the raid.