Ask 2 Live: Expert advice on enjoying Halloween amid the pandemic

This Halloween, “wearing a mask” will have a different meaning.

HOUSTONNOTE: This Ask 2 Live event has ended.

This Halloween, “wearing a mask” will have a different meaning.

While many children are looking forward to dressing up as their favorite superhero or character, there are a few safety measures to think about this year when it comes to celebrating the holiday.

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Whether you’re planning to skip the holiday or celebrate the night while social-distancing, there are many options to choose from and how to do it safely.

KPRC 2 was joined by experts from the Houston Health Department, Crime Stoppers of Houston and Sugar Land Sara.

Meet our Panel

  • Dr. David Persse - Health Authority, Houston Health Department
  • Rania Mankarious - CEO, Crime Stoppers of Houston
  • Sara Ahmed - Writer & Content Creator, Sugar Land Sara
  • Tierra White - Community Advocate, Acres Homes Multi-Service Center

Their advice

Our experts agreed that you can still enjoy the spooky holiday while minimizing your risk to exposure of COVID-19.

First things first, no matter the costume, make sure you wear a mask. No, your Halloween mask doesn’t count. You’ll want to wear a reusable cloth mask to make sure you’re protected. Trick-or-treaters and people giving away candy should both be masked up.

Our experts also said people should frequently sanitize their hands and maintain social distance as much as possible.

They also recommended individual goodie bags of treats instead of the free-for-all bowl. Homeowners can also set up a table in their yard or place a blanket on the lawn where the little ghouls and gobblins can grab their goodie bag and go.


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