Water testing, flushing continues in Lake Jackson as ‘Boil water’ notice remains

Water testing and flushing continues
Water testing and flushing continues

HOUSTON – The Lake Jackson City manager says they are working hard to make sure the water is safe again following the discovery of a potentially deadly amoeba in the water system.

Residents said they are thankful for the free cases of water bottles being given out at the Lake Jackson Rec Center but they are still frustrated after another week of a boil water notice.

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“It’s just everything. One thing after another, seems like we see a light at the end of the tunnel and then something else happens,” said resident Brenda Hill.

“It’s just different that we gotta tape all our faucets and make sure we don’t drink water out of the faucet,” said resident Gabriel Castillo.

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Families said they need bottled water for pretty much everything they do.

“We’ve just been taking showers with the bottled water that we get or I go to my shop or we take shower over there,” Castillo said.

City Manager Modesto Mundo said they are currently in the middle of a very intensive process of water monitoring, testing and flushing throughout Lake Jackson.

“We conducted our first round of tests yesterday (Sunday) with TCEQ and our residual test results were good, we passed everyone,” Mundo said.

Another round of testing is happening Monday and once those tests come back OK, the city will need to test the water every day for the next 60 days to make sure chlorine levels are good.

This all comes after a 6-year-old boy died last month from a brain-eating amoeba after coming into contact with city water. And the latest blow just Sunday -- a soldier who helped give out bottled water tested positive for the coronavirus.

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