KPRC 2 reporters are covering severe weather from Chambers County to Lake Charles, Louisiana. Here’s what they saw Wednesday evening

Waters rising in High Island, TX as Hurricane Laura approaches (KPRC)

HOUSTON – With all eyes on the Gulf of Mexico and Hurricane Laura fast approaching, residents along the coast, from Chambers County to Louisiana, are preparing for the worst. As Laura’s path approaches, residents and local leaders are taking preemptive measures to stay safe.

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KPRC 2′s reporters visited areas all along the Gulf Coast to meet with officials and residents who spent Monday preparing for severe weather. See those videos below:

Chambers County

KPRC 2 Jacob Rascon is in Winnie, Texas in Chambers County where the city set an 8 p.m.curfew.

Galveston Bay Area

KPRC 2 reporter Taisha Walker is in Kemah located on Galveston Bay where tides are beginning to rise

High Island, TX

KPRC 2 reporter Sofia Ojeda is in High Island on the Bolivar Peninsula where waters continue to rise.


KPRC 2 reporter Syan Rhodes is in Galveston where crowds are watching the waves of Laura rise.

Lake Charles, Louisiana

KPRC 2 reporter Bill Barajas is in Lake Charles, Louisiana, as the city braces for Hurricane Laura to arrive.


KPRC 2 reporter Mario Diaz is in downtown Beaumont where first responders are preparing for Hurricane Laura.

Port Arthur

KPRC 2 reporter Brandon Walker is in Port Arthur where the last bus with families just evacuated.

Bolivar Peninsula

KPRC 2 reporter Bill Spencer is at High Island in the Bolivar Peninsula where waves are beginning to rise.

Polk County

KPRC 2 reporter Joel Eisenbaum has a look at evacuation and preparations happening in Polk County.

Chambers County

KPRC 2 senior reporter Phil Archer has a look at preparation happening in Winnie.