Family of Davion Edison requests HPD to release body camera video of deadly shooting

Calls for more transparency after officer-involved shootings
Calls for more transparency after officer-involved shootings

HOUSTON – Following the death of George Floyd, some in the community are calling for more transparency from the Houston police, including Lovie Williams Linzer.

“I just want justice that I know I’ve been fighting for since December 30, 2019,” said Williams Linzer.

That was the day Davion Edison, an 18-year-old man, was killed in an officer-involved shooting. Houston Police said Edison fired a round at officers after leading them on a chase that started in Pasadena.

“If they release the cameras, it would give me closure and I haven’t received it yet. I need it,” said Williams Linzer, who raised Edison her nephew as a son.

During the Justice or Death Rally Wednesday, activist Quanell X demanded police departments release body camera videos after officer-involved shootings.

“We believe and we demand that bodycam footage of police shootings and all use of force be released to the public within 24 hours,” Quanell X said.

The issue isn’t entirely cut and dry because some families don’t want the video released.

Houston Police spokesman Kese Smith said Chief Art Acevedo wants a national standard for releasing body camera footage, one that includes a family’s wishes, as a factor in the decision.

Smith said the chief has met with some families to show them the video in their respective cases.

However, Williams Linzer said she has not seen any video related to Edison’s case.

Williams Linzer said police told her the video could not be released because the incident was still under investigation. She doesn’t believe their account of what happened, so she wants to see the final moments herself.

“I want to see it myself, and I want it released to everyone,” Williams Linzer said.

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