Acevedo: Fatal officer-involved shooting during struggle caught on camera but only family will see video

HOUSTON – A fatal officer-involved shooting in Houston last week was captured by two cameras but that video will not be released to the public, according to Houston police Chief Art Acevedo.

Investigators said Adrian Medearis, 48, was shot and killed by an officer during a May 8 traffic stop over speeding led to a struggle with an officer.

Acevedo said that the officer administered a field sobriety test to Medearis and informed him that he was under arrest. Acevedo said a struggle began between Medearis and the officer, but the officer was able to get Medearis to calm down. Acevedo said a second struggle began when the officer again tried to arrest Medearis.

“At that point, the suspect, Mr. Medearis, actually was able to flip the officer off of him, gain a position of advantage on the officer, on top of the officer,” Acevedo said during a news conference Monday. “They continued the struggle. At one point Mr. Medearis grabbed the officer’s Taser that was on the ground, and as they were struggling, and pointing at the officer, and as they were struggling, the officer saw that Mr. Medearis had armed himself with a Taser, drew his service pistol, started creating space, and then Mr. Medearis when he aimed it at him, the officer discharged four rounds.”

Officials said Medearis was taken to a hospital, where he died.

Acevedo said the struggle between Medearis and the office, identified only as J. Ramos, lasted for more than two minutes.

The chief said the shooting was recorded by both bodycam and dashcam, but only the family will be allowed to see the video.

“Not everybody wants their loved one to be in cyberspace for the rest of eternity and their last minute on Earth to be public,” Acevedo said.

Investigators said the traffic stop was initiated after an officer clocked a vehicle being driven by Medearis traveling at 97 mph.

Ramos was not injured, police said.

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