Prosecutors: Suspect confessed to killing Houston police sergeant after domestic violence call

HOUSTON – The suspect in Saturday’s slaying of a Houston police officer confessed to the fatal shooting while being interviewed by detectives, according to prosecutors.

Arturo Solis, 25, has been charged with capital murder in connection with the shooting death of Houston police Sgt. Christopher Brewster, 32, in the 7400 block of Avenue L about 6 p.m.

During a hearing for Solis on Sunday morning, prosecutors laid out their case against him. Solis, who did not appear in the courtroom, was denied bail.

Domestic violence call preceded shooting

Prosecutors said Brewster was responding to reports of a domestic violence incident at a home on Avenue I. The caller told police that she was being attacked by her boyfriend who was armed with two handguns.

Brewster located Solis, the suspect in the domestic violence incident, walking with the victim on Avenue L, according to prosecutors. Brewster got out of his patrol car and the victim shouted, “That’s who you are looking for,” according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors said Brewster called out to Solis, who then shot Brewster several times. Brewster did not have his weapon drawn at the time of the shooting, prosecutors said.

Solis fled the scene, but Brewster was able to relay a description of the shooter over police radios during his call for help, prosecutors said.

Houston police Chief Art Acevedo said emergency workers rushed to Brewster’s aid and took him to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Officers found Solis jumping a fence at an elementary school on Avenue H, according to officials.

Solis’ interview with detectives

Prosecutors said that Solis made several statements after his arrest about having shot Brewster.

During an interview with detectives, according to prosecutors, Solis admitted to having been involved in a domestic violence incident earlier in the evening and that he had shot Brewster in order to avoid arrest.

Solis also admitted to having two guns in his possession at the time of the shooting, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors said officers saw Solis toss a gun as they closed in on him at the elementary school and recovered that weapon. A second gun was found at the scene of the shooting, and bullet casings from the shooting scene matched that weapon, prosecutors said.

Solis’ father speaks about son’s mental health

Roberto Solis who is Arturo’s father says his son has been battling with mental health issues. “I don’t have my son anymore, the devil has him,” said Arturo’s father, Roberto Solis.

Roberto Solis said he is praying for the fallen officer’s family.

“I’m sorry about what happened. I pray for them,” Roberto Solis said.

Caught on camera

Acevedo said that both Brewster’s initial encounter with Solis and the fatal shooting were recorded by Brewster’s body camera.

“What people will see is a coward that took the life of a hero that responded to help his officers which is what we talk about on a daily basis,” Acevedo said.

Remembering Brewster

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner asked the community to keep Brewster’s family in their prayers. Turner said Brewster leaves behind a wife, his two parents and his sister.

“Every single day our officers show up (and) go to work not knowing what they will face,” Turner said.

Acevedo said Brewster was part of cadet class 209 and graduated from the police academy on Nov. 1, 2010. He said Brewster was promoted to sergeant in 2019.

Houston Police Officers’ Union President Joe Gamaldi said Brewster was a great guy.

“As I said, he was an incredible crime-fighter and (had) a great sense of humor, and I’m sure everyone can attest that he never left the room without making people laugh,” Gamaldi said.

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