Here’s what to know this evening about Tropical Depression Imelda

Street flooded in Lakewood Pines at Westlake on September 19, 2019.

HOUSTON – As Imelda continues to impact the Houston area, here are the biggest headlines you need to know about:

1. HISD said Friday night football games are canceled.

2. HCSO has fielded more than 1,000 Imelda-related calls.

3. Conroe ISD, Houston ISD school will resume classes Monday.

4. The East Freeway was shut down at the San Jacinto River after the barges broke loose.

5. Three people have died because of the storm.

Here's more to know:

Third Imelda-related death confirmed in Beaumont

Three people were killed after Tropical Storm Imelda hit Southeast Texas Thursday, bringing torrential rainfall across the Houston area, Winnie and Beaumont.

Where does Tropical Storm Imelda rank in the record books?

While it arrived in Texas without a lot of fanfare, given the history of some of the state's more famous flood events, Tropical Storm Imelda left a ferocious path of catastrophic flooding, cementing its place in the record books.

With 43 inches of rain in Beaumont, most of that falling in less than 24 hours, Imelda smashed its way into fifth place on the list of the wettest tropical cyclones in US history.

Education expert weighs in on HISD's decision not to cancel school in Imelda's wake

Houston Independent School District officials faced scrutiny following the district's decision not to shutter its campuses Thursday in the wake of heavy rainfall and severe flooding from Tropical Depression Imelda. Read more.

Roof collapses at USPS Processing and Distribution facility

The roof at the USPS North Houston Processing and Distribution facility collapsed on Thursday, USPS said. There were employees in the facility when a portion of the roof collapses, but only minor injuries were reported, according to officials with USPS. Several vehicles near the facility were damaged during the roof collapse. USPS said it intends to resume regular operations in the building as soon as it is safe to do so.

Aman carries another man on an ATV through the flooded street of Little York on Sept. 19, 2019, in Houston.

Deputies capture alligator at North Shore Senior High campus

Harris County deputies captured an "unwanted visitor" lurking around the North Shore Senior High 10th grade campus.

Chambers County Judge orders curfew for Winnie-Stowell area

The Chambers County Judge ordered a curfew from 10 p.m. Friday through 7 a.m. Saturday for the Winnie-Stowell area, Chambers County Public Information Officer Ryan Holzaepfel said.

East Freeway shut down at San Jacinto River

Rising water and strong currents caused nine barges to break loose at a shipyard near the San Jacinto Bridge.

Two of those barges floated down river and struck the bridge just before midnight Thursday, forcing authorities to shut down the East Freeway in both directions as a precaution.


There are several dozen locations where high water is reported

Tropical Depression Imelda has brought flooding rains to parts of the Houston region.

Houston TranStar reported high water in the following locations,

How to locate your towed vehicle

If you were one of the many Houston residents forced to abandon your flooded or stalled vehicle as a deluge of rain from Tropical Depression Imelda flooded roads throughout the city, your car may have been towed by the time you are able to search for it.

Here is a list of towed car lines for other counties in the southeast Texas coastal region.

Officials still concerned as rivers continue to swell

Local officials are continuing to watch conditions. There are still concerns as the rivers continue to swell as the water drains out of the Houston area. Parts of the San Jacinto River are still rising and expected to crest some time Friday. Cedar Bayou is seeing the same effect and is also expected o crest Friday.

The water receding in a lot of locations, but we still have high water," Harris County meteorologist Jeff Lindner said. "We're expecting maybe and inch or two of rain today. This is a more summertime pattern that probably won't affect the watersheds at all. The biggest this morning is with high water still out there ... be careful."

What you need to know, watch for after a flood event

Attorney General Ken Paxton is reminding people and businesses that price gouging is illegal in the wake of declared disasters like Imelda. Under state late law, once the governor issues the declaration, vendors cannot charge high prices for necessities like drinking water, food, batteries, generators, fuel, clothing, medical supplies and lodging.

2,000 reported rescues in Harris County so far

The Harris County Fire Marshal's Office said there have been about 2,000 rescues in the county, so far. Officials said they have learned a lot since Hurricane Harvey and have added a lot of equipment to their high-water rescue plans since then. They again urge people to stay where they are until the water recede.

How you can help out those who are in need

Thousands in the greater Houston area were impacted by Tropical Depression Imelda. Many have had to evacuate their homes, and some have lost everything.

Here are different ways you can help those affected.

Heartbreak in Winnie

A woman in Winnie who recently lost her mom is now facing a total home loss after feet of water entered her new home.