'Hitting us like a freight train': Nephew opens up about boat crash victim Zach Miles

CHAMBERS COUNTY, Texas – We're learning more about one of the victims of a deadly boat crash Sunday in Chambers County.

The family of 28-year-old Zach Miles said Miles was driving one of the boats when the crash happened.

Miles and two others were flown to an area hospital. Miles died at the hospital.

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Family love

His nephew talked about Miles and his love for his family.

Trapper Schamp said Miles loved being on the water.

Monday would have been Miles' 29th birthday.

Schamp said it makes dealing with the tragedy even harder.

Schamp was holding back tears while reflecting at the water's edge.

He came alone, choosing to be near the place his uncle took his last breath.

"Out here ... remembering him, missing him. This is where he liked to be, so I figured I'd come out here and be a little bit closer to him," Schamp said.

Bad news

Miles was driving a bass fishing boat when the collision happened. Schamp said he went to the hospital to check on his uncle.

"Got to the hospital, waiting for everyone to show up, and it was when everything kind of hit for us, just complete shock," Schamp said.

It was at the hospital that they got the news that Miles had passed away. Miles is remembered as a teddy bear with a heart of gold.

"We're managing. Like I said, it was out of the blue ... unexpected, so it's hitting us like a freight train right now," Schamp said.

Everyone knew each other

Two others were killed in the crash, and two more remain in critical condition. A total of 12 people were involved in the crash, and Schamp said everyone knew each other, including Jacob Breaux.

Authorities said Breaux was driving the other boat and has since been charged with three counts of intoxication manslaughter and two counts of intoxication assault.

"The only thing I can do is ask the good lord to try and forgive and try and be a good Christian about it. That's all I can do, and that's all I can hope anyone else can do," Schamp said.