Haley’s Health Inbox: If someone has recently had pneumonia are they more susceptible to coronavirus?

Haley Hernandez

KPRC Channel 2′s health reporter Haley Hernandez has been answering some of your emailed questions regarding the impact of COVID-19 here in the Houston area.

If someone has recently had pneumonia are they more susceptible to COVID19?

Not exactly. The current data only shows people with an underlying reason they developed pneumonia such as an immunodeficiency or a history of structural lung disease like COPD, could make someone more susceptible to COVID19 infection but not simply having previously had pneumonia, according to Dr. Jill Weatherhead from Baylor College of Medicine. Lung damage and COPD can put individuals at risk for all respiratory viruses.

Does your blood type make you more susceptible to COVID19?

If you’ve questioned the validity of this rumor, you were right to do so!

There is no recommended screening criteria based upon blood type, said the President of the Harris County Medical Society Dr. Ronald Walters.

How should you clean your cell phone?

You should regularly disinfect your cell phone. Despite previous warnings that harsh chemicals can damage the screen, Apple says now that disinfectants are OK to use on their products. If you’re concerned, they recommend a screen protector or case to cover the phone.

Will coronavirus cases go down during summer like the flu?

That’s a good point that I bring up here, which basically says there’s hope the heat will kill the virus (the virus is not very heat resistant) but there’s no confirmed data yet.

People are encouraging take-out food but what if the handle is sick?

While the chances of that exact order having the virus on food is still low, these are the steps to keep food safe, according to CNN Dr. Sanjay Gupta:

- Have person put food at your door step, you not taking it from their hand

- Take container out of the bag

- Put the food on your plate

-Microwave food for 30 seconds would kill the virus

-Throw all packaging away


(helpful hint: microwaving food for 30 seconds is also recommended to kill bacteria that could give you GI issues.)

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