Haley’s Health Inbox: We are in our 70s and keep missing out on a chance to sign up for the vaccine. What can we do?


COVID-19 vaccine updates – KPRC 2′s health reporter Haley Hernandez has been answering some of your questions regarding the impact of COVID-19 here in the Houston area. We are answering a few of the top questions.

January 14, 2021

We are in our 70s and keep missing out on a chance to sign up for the vaccine. What can we do?

This is a great question we get almost daily. In our Ask 2 Town Hall focused on questions about the COVID vaccine, Stephen Williams, director of the Houston Health Department and a member of the state’s Expert Vaccine Allocation Panel, addressed this directly. Here are three ways you can find the help you need.

Williams says there is help available and they have made it a priority to make other options available for registering for a vaccine - other than just going online.

1. You can call the Area Agency on Aging at 832-393-4301. This line is specifically for seniors. Seniors will get help to navigate through the system to set up an appointment. He says there are a lot of people calling so be patient and try again if you can’t get through.

2. You can also call 832-393-4220, the call center can also help you navigate the system.

3. A third option is to check online at houstonemergency.org

Williams says each time they get a shipment of vaccines, there is high demand. The Houston Health Department is also looking for volunteers to help administer the vaccine.

When will kids be allowed to get the vaccine?

Right now,  the vaccine is available for teens 16 and up with previous health conditions. Texas Children’s is contacting patients who fit in this category to set up appointments for the vaccine. Here are the top things parents should know about the COVID vaccine and kids.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began in March, KPRC 2′s health reporter, Haley Hernandez, along with producer, Andrea Slaydon have worked tirelessly to answer hundreds of health-related questions from viewers. You can find the full archive here.

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