Determining whether coronavirus is a seasonal outbreak

Is coronavirus seasonal?
Is coronavirus seasonal?

HOUSTON – Since some viruses, like the flu, are seasonal we ask the experts if our hot summer may end up helping things to calm down.

Right now, President Donald Trump and local doctors agree that Coronavirus could disappear with heat.

This idea has prompted a dramatic rise in false information like UV light and saunas could keep you safe from the virus. There’s no proof that will work.

However, the Global Virus Network does say the Coronavirus is surrounded by a lipid layer, which is not very heat-resistant, so the virus quickly breaks down as temperatures rise.

That could make it harder for the virus to spread between people in tropical climates.

Stating whether the coronavirus is or is not a seasonal virus is something Baylor College of Medicine said they’re researching.

“Something we are watching very closely, specifically looking at areas who are in their summer months right now, how the infection is spreading, what kind of transmissability it has and then will it come back next fall if it does go away? We just don’t know those answers yet and that’s what our scientists around the world are trying to figure out,” Dr. Jill Weatherhead said.

There are still cases of the coronavirus in Australia and Brazil that are currently ending summer. Meaning, it’s not impossible for the virus to survive the heat but scientists hope the number of people affected by the coronavirus will go down as the temperature goes up.