🔒 Buying in bulk in Houston, beyond

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HOUSTON – Bulk buying isn’t just about Costco and Sam’s Club in the Houston area.

There are plenty of other options you might want to try out. Here are a few choices and just some of the reviews shared online about each bulk buying destination:

Citywide Wholesale

801 Service St, Houston TX 77009

How it’s described: “With over 25,000 square feet of warehouse space, we keep over 6,500 items in stock.”

Notable review: “Reasonable prices!! And friendly staff with fast in and out check out . Got to go early to get what you need.” - Reyna

General Goods Wholesale

8000 Harwin Dr. #200, Houston, TX 77036

How it’s described: “Welcome to General Goods Wholesale. One of the original wholesalers in Houston, Texas. est. 1994″

Notable review: “The store is well-organized and has tons of food of all types. Staff is always pleasant and helpful.” - Benjamin Greene

Granel Spice Market

2503 Link Rd, Houston, TX 77009

How it’s described: “Bulk herbs, spices, teas, botanicals, fruits, nuts, candies, and more!”

Notable review: “This is THE SPOT for all of your natural, holistic needs! They have just about every herb and spice you can think of! They also have some crystals, food products, sage, essential oils, etc. I’ve been here a few times and the people that work here are always so kind and helpful!” - Courtney Campbell

Joe V’s Smart Shop

Multiple locations.

How it’s described: “At Joe V’s, you can find savings around every corner.”

Notable review: “Great prices. Easy to shop. Courteous employees.” - Deborah Finkelstein

Sun’s Wholesale Club

Multiple locations.

How it’s described: “Sun’s Club, Inc. is a wholesale membership club. Our goal is to create an exciting, convenient, and comfortable one stop shopping experience for all customers. We procure products that are normally available only to businesses and institutions, now available to all consumers.”

Notable review: “This place is great, having almost everything that you need for restaurants , fully stocks, organized and fresh vegetables.” - T Phan

Where do you love to go to buy in bulk or with a membership in the Houston area? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to add your remarks to an update of this report.

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