🔒 Crazy for Costco, Sam’s Club and buying big: Insiders, check out these social media accounts worth following that celebrate purchasing warehouse-style

"Costco Mamma & Maddie" -- known for their Costco and Sam's Club taste tests on TikTok account floridamomof3, discuss their must-haves for bulk buying, as well as their favorite and least favorite product tests.

HOUSTON – There are plenty of social media users and accounts that celebrate the worlds of Costco, Sam’s Club and buying products in bulk. We have dug into the best of the best accounts throughout our bulk-buying series and found several that rise to the top by offering the best deals and the most comprehensive and current information.

Here are some of our favorites:

Florida Costco Mamma

Bulk-buying online stars discuss their favorite Costco, Sam's Club finds

What they say about themselves: “Check out our TikTok “floridamomof3″ CHEERS🙌🏼”

What we like: A collection of taste tests from Costco and Sam’s Club. They taste it before you buy it. KPRC 2 met these two and they shared a look behind-the-scenes of their popular social media accounts. Watch our interview with them in the video player above. They’re here on Tiktok.

Frugal Fit Mom

What they say about themselves: “Food. Finances. Fitness. Family.”

What we like: Her tips are the ultimate guide to shopping at Sam’s Club and Costco. She’s got tips no one else has and a mom mindset to help you purchase with an eye on budget, your family’s needs and living a healthy life.

Sam’s Club Mama

What they say about themselves: Sams Club Obsessed Mama 💕- “📍 Southern Cali💙 Sharing the best deals & finds. Also, click the link for my Amazon finds 😊@ Tag @samsclub_mama with your Sams Club finds www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-51cbfa78

What we like: This account features a number of family-oriented finds. Really great eyes on the store. Also, Sam’s Club Mama has a nice amount of reviews on products in the stores, so you have at least one person’s view of whether that massive shampoo and conditioner is worth the investment.

Costco Hot Finds

What they say about themselves: “Not Affiliated with Costco!👱🏼‍♀️Your Costco support group!Mom👩‍👦and Costco Addict”

What we like: Shop without shopping. This account does a great job of helping shoppers see what’s new and help plan for a shopping trip. While things change frequently at Costco, this can help inform you about whether you should go if seasonal items are arriving or things are starting to go on sale between seasons.

Costco Buys

What they say about themselves: “On a mission to show the world how amazing @Costco is!⁣⁣🛒 Follow me for hot Costco finds!📥 CostcoBuysInfo@gmail.com for collabs!⁣”

What we like: Like Costco Hot Finds, Costco Buys features many of the items you might expect to find at your Costco. It highlights the best of the best things at the store. If you’re gearing up for a trip, you might find yourself creating your shopping list from this account. The account also features a friendly amount of giveaways and other perks that you might find fun.

Sam’s Club Members

What they say about themselves: “Maximize your #samsclub membership experience! Sharing tips & tricks, new items, monthly savings, clearance finds & more!”

What we like: We love posts like this that tell you about deals you might not find if you weren’t an expert at the Costco website. When you turn to experts you save even more. Not everything is for everyone, but this account is a great destination for tracking what’s going on in the stores, online and what hacks people are finding for the absolute lowest prices available.

The Deal Guy

What they say about themselves: “If you love Deals, Insider Store Secrets and Saving Money then you’re going to love my channel. Hi, I’m Matt Granite! You may recognize me from Morning TV, but most know me as YouTube’s first ever 24/7 deal finder! Through joining my channel you will be the first to know the best tech deals, secret sale days and consumer tips and tricks that will save you tons money. I like to say subscribing to my channel is one of the best deals you’ll ever find as I’m bound to save you some cash + it’s completely free to click that red button and join this awesome community! Finally, if you love Black Friday and Prime Day, then I promise you’re going to love my channel!”

What we like: His tips and tricks are solid. His delivery is a little, shall we say, formal, but he’s definitely current and keeps his channel cooking with the latest information on Costco, Sam’s Club and other retailers like Amazon and Dollar Tree. His thumbnail graphics and delivery feel a little contrived sometimes, but he’s got the information and that’s what you’re looking for so we’re not complaining -- much.

Costco Deals

What they say about themselves: #️⃣1️⃣ ORIGINAL page for @CostcoDeals! Not affiliated w/Costco

What we like: This page is on it. Like every day. If you want to know what’s going on at Costco, this page has it all, from the savings booklets to the latest seasonal merchandise coming into stores. We also like how active users are -- they are really engaged and often give their own reviews (without frills) of the products featured in the posts.


What they say about themselves: Sharing our favorite wine, cocktails, places and styles!

What we like: These gals are REALLY into wine. If you’re overwhelmed when you go to the wine section of Costco, check out their recommendations. Some are just $10! They did a series on it. Here’s part three.


What they say about themselves: We are passionate about healthy living + feeding our families amazing food! Sharing our best Costco finds! #costcodoesitagain

What we like: The deals are fine, but the community here is great. People share their opinions and it’s great to have the unfiltered reviews of people who have purchased and are using the products mentioned on this page. It’s also fun to see the new products spotted in-store to know what to expect at your club soon.

The Freebie Guy

What they say about themselves: I help people find deals, get free stuff and win sweepstakes! Follow me for unbelievably good deals!

What we like: Prolific and smart when it comes to compounding the savings, The Freebie Guy is a great page to follow for deals at the clubs, and well, generally, for an eye on savings everywhere you go.

Did we leave out your favorite social media influencers or accounts that feature bulk buying? What’s your favorite? Leave a comment and we may include your picks in an update on this article.

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