Great gift ideas for $20 or less: Our 2019 Test It Tuesday year-in-review

HOUSTON – Every week, KPRC 2 consumer expert Amy Davis tests products you may be tempted to buy to find out if they are worth your money.

In 2019, she tested 36 items. Eighteen got a thumbs up, 16 failed and two were just OK.

We know many of you are doing your shopping for the holidays. Most of these products would make great stocking stuffers and last-minute gifts.

From face peels to teeth whiteners powered by your smartphone to portable sewing machines, we tested all sorts of products. These are the items that stood out from all the rest:


Bella Brow gave the person who tested it for us fuller, natural-looking brows in seconds for just $10.

Dermasuction really does suck the gunk out from your pores.


If you’ve got someone in your family that has a hard time seeing the fine print, both Mighty Sight and One Power Readers worked well to help our testers see no matter what strength glasses they usually wear.


In the kitchen, The Perfect Egg Maker from Copper Chef got props for making eggs in omelets, boiled and poached.


After our positive Arctic Hat review, one viewer told me she has ordered more than a dozen for people she knows who work outside in Houston’s heat.