Does the Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker really make perfect eggs?

HOUSTON – Fried, scrambled, sunny side up: There are a lot of different ways to prepare eggs.

The Perfect Egg Maker from Copper Chef claims it is all you need if you enjoy your eggs hard-boiled, poached or in an omelet.

Curtis Sternitzky described when and how he usually prepares eggs saying he "Typically (eats eggs) in the morning, sometimes I'll scramble them."

But Sternitzky's wife likes her eggs poached, and that is not as easy.  

"I tried once, and it did not turn out well," Sternitzky laughed.  

No worries: the Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker claims it can make poached eggs, well, perfectly. The secret is a measuring cup that shows you the exact amount of water to pour into the egg maker to achieve your desired egg.

Sternitzky cracked an egg into a small poaching tray and then pushed a button on the egg maker.  It automatically powers off when your eggs are done.

"That does look good," Sternitzky said, sliding the poached egg out of the tray and onto his plate. 

For hard-boiled eggs, you have to pierce a small hole in the top of each egg with a punch that's included in the box. The benefit is that you can cook up to 14 eggs at once.

The egg maker uses steam and a precise amount of water to make sure your eggs are soft or hard-boiled. After 14 minutes, the device shuts off and Sternitzky's eggs were done. The Perfect Egg Maker does everything but peel your eggs. Once Sternitzky completed that task, he was happy with what he found inside. 

"Looks good. Yeah, looks really good," he said, cutting into the egg.  "Perfect hard-boiled egg. It's not overcooked at all." 

Some eggs on the bottom rack had sort of bubbled over through the small hole Sternitzky had punched;  but for a $20 product, he wasn't complaining. 

"It was not difficult at all. It was actually quite simple," said Sternitzky.