As Seen on TV: Can the Arctic Hat really keep you cool on hot summer days?

HOUSTON – Houston summer days can be scorchers, but it's not like we can just stay inside all day. Whether you're outside for fun, work or chores, you have to find ways to stay cool. The Arctic Hat claims it can help

The makers say it will keep you 20 degrees cooler than the temperature outside. No promises about your hip factor. Ruben Mercardo works in construction, managing crews that spend all day in Houston's sweltering heat.

He agreed to try the Arctic Hat to find out if it's something his employees might need. 

"Looks like a fisherman's hat with a little bedazzle on it," said Mercardo, the first time he saw the hat.  
That shimmer he noticed is designed to reflect the sun's rays. If you don't want the fisherman-style hat, they also make a baseball hat that works the same.

You just wet the inside of the hat with water before putting it on. A drawstring at the back lets you adjust the hat, so it truly is one size fits all.

After 20 minutes outside, Mercado felt like the hat made a discernible difference. 

"My skin is warm, but I have it cool right here," he said, referring to his head covered by the Arctic Hat.  
"And I know that's one of the important factors of being able to beat heat exhaustion is keeping your head cooler than the rest of your body." 

Mercado said he would make the investment and buy Arctic Hats for his employees. They cost $19.99 each. We bought ours at Bed, Bath and Beyond.