As Seen on TV: Readers that work for everyone no matter vision strength

HOUSTON – Readers, cheaters, glasses... If you need them to see up close, you probably have a few pairs at home.

The maker of One Power Readers claims theirs is the only pair you will need. They say you can share them with your spouse even if their prescription is different.

Katy resident Andrea Turner has always worn glasses or contacts. When she turned 40, she had to add readers to see anything up close.

"Newspapers, prescription bottles, receipts... anything," Turner said.

One Power Readers claim no matter what your vision strength, the lenses will adjust to bring small print into focus. Almost immediately, Turner said the difference was crystal clear.

"The One Power magnified it more than my regular readers," she explained.

Her regular readers are a 1.25. To find out if the glasses really are one size fits all, we asked Turner's husband to try them. His wears readers with a 1.0 strength.

"That is definitely much clearer," he said, using the readers to read the year on a coin.  "I don't have to hold it as far away from my face to see it." 

"So if he needs his and can't get to them, he can borrow mine," Andrea said.  

In every scenario from reading receipts to threading a needle, the one size fits all $15  readers impressed Andrea. 

"They actually do adjust to your strength and you can read better with them, I think," she said. 

Just to make sure the One Power Readers have a wide range, Davis asked co-workers who wear readers with strengths of 1.5 to 2.5 to try them on. They all said the One Power Readers work just as well as their regular glasses.