Magnifying LED glasses claim to help you see bigger, brighter and clearer

HOUSTON – News print, pill bottles or threading a needle... sometimes our eyes need a little help to see up close. For those occasions, Mighty Sight LED Magnifying Eyewear claims they can help you see bigger, brighter and clearer. 

What is it?

Mighty Site eyewear are plastic goggle-like glasses with built-in LED lights. You can wear them over your regular prescription glasses or alone to help magnify whatever you are trying to see. 
We purchased the product for $19.88 at Walmart. A USB plugs directly into the frames of the glasses to charge the LED lights. 


Mighty Sight eyewear helps you see bigger, brighter and clearer, with 160% magnification. 

Do They Work? 

Yes. Allan Eisenbaum tried to read the tiniest print on a prescription pill bottle. He was not able to read it with his regular prescription glasses. When he put on the Mighty Sight glasses over his regular frames, the small print came into focus. 

Eisenbaum said a $4 magnifying glass and small flashlight would work just as well, but then he wouldn't be hands-free.