FBCA Magazine Feature: Gimme the Rock

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But that was over 25 years ago.

Josh LaRocca shocked the college football landscape when he quarterbacked the Rice Owls to a win over the mighty Texas Longhorns in 1994. The 19-17 win snapped nearly a 30-year Texas winning streak.

"I don't give my dad much credit," Owen LaRocca jokes. "But I guess that was a pretty big deal. If you don't know about trying to be a high-level athlete, it's hard to understand. He understands and has taught me to never be satisfied. He knows how much work it takes. When I think I've had a pretty good day working out, he reminds me that I didn't do enough."

Josh earned some NFL training camp invites and played in NFL Europe for a few years before getting into commercial real estate.

Owen prefers the round ball, however.

"I grew up playing baseball until the seventh grade," Owen said. "Then I just got obsessed with basketball. I figured out that basketball would be something I would do every day since then. The adrenaline I would get while playing was awesome."

LaRocca dove into the AAU world as an eighth-grader and played for TNBT led by coach Eric Love. "I had a great coach who invested in me," he said. "The game just clicked, and I was in the gym five days a week and playing a bunch of games on the weekend. I figured out what I was good at and what I needed to work on."