Kate Upton slams 'misogynist comments' after she tweeted about interference call during Game 6

Justin Verlander #35 of the Houston Astros celebrates with model Kate Upton and the MVP trophy after defeating the New York Yankees by a score of 4-0 to win Game Seven of the American League Championship Series at Minute Maid Park.

Kate Upton was very vocal on social media Tuesday night during Game 6 of the World Series between the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals, and she said it made her the target of "misogynist comments." 

The world-renowned supermodel and wife of Astros pitcher Justin Verlander has often come out to support her partner and the team at games and it's part of why they're one of Houston's favorite power couples.

So it wasn't a surprise when she took to Twitter during the high-stakes Game 6 Tuesday night to voice her opinion on a controversial interference call during the seventh inning.

Umpires said Washington Nationals lead-off hitter Trea Turner interfered with Astros pitcher Brad Peacock's throw to Yuli Gurriel on first base. The Nationals tried to lodge a complaint about the call, and as the situation became heated, Washington Manager Dave Martinez was ejected from the game. 

Upton wasn't pleased with how long the protest and review of the play were taking. On Twitter, she wrote, "He (Turner) wasn't within the base path. Those who don't know the rule you HAVE to run inside the 2 lines. Not sure why the review is taking so long..." 



She also retweeted Major League Baseball Sports Commentator Jon Morosi who wrote, " . @MLB rule: 'When running the last half of the way to first base while the ball is being fielded in the vicinity of first, a baserunner must stay within the three-foot runner's lane to the right of the foul line unless they are avoiding a player fielding a batted ball.'" 

Her tweets drew the ire of Washington Nationals fans, and they quickly took an unsavory turn. While thousands of people debated the validity of the umpire's call and Upton's opinion about the play, many trolls chose sexism instead. 

Some of the responses to Upton's tweet include: 

"Oh Honey, Stick to modeling" 

"Great knockers, not so great brain" 

".......nothing more than the losing pitchers wife. Shhhhhhhh" 

There were many other tweets that were too offensive to include in this article. 

About an hour later, Upton had had enough and tweeted about the trolls. 

"I LOVE talking about sports and reading all of the dumb misogynist comments. It reminds me that women need to keep fighting for equality. It’s 2019 but feels like the 1950s. #feminist," she wrote. 



Naturally, this spurred on the trolls. 

How do you think Kate should handle the situation now?