Who did it better? Bregman, Soto carry bats to first after Game 6 home runs

HOUSTON – Game 6 of the World Series appeared to be a battle of sluggers.

Both Alex Bregman, of the Houston Astros, and Juan Soto, of the Washington Nationals, hit home runs to give their teams the lead.

Bregman carried his bat all the way to first base and dropped it while rounding the base after his first-inning home run that gave Houston a 2-1 lead.



Soto did something similar after hitting his fifth-inning home run that gave the Nationals a 3-2 lead.


KPRC 2's Brittany Jeffers reported Wednesday morning that Bregman apologized for the move, saying, "I just let my emotions get the best of me. It's not how I was raised to play the game. ... I'm sorry for doing that."

Jeffers added that Soto was asked the same thing and said he just thought it was cool and wanted to do it, too.