Family concerned, hoping for compensation after home riddled with bullets during officer-involved shooting

The Sneed’s family home was caught in a crossfire while officers tried to apprehend a murder suspect.

A family in Third Ward said their home was caught in a crossfire as law enforcement tried to apprehend a murder suspect who ended up shot and killed last week.

The Sneed family said they could’ve been killed and are voicing their concerns.

There are at least eight bullet holes in the Sneed’s home.

“It looks like we’re still finding bullet holes,” said Wayne Sneed.

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He and his family are happy they weren’t home back on Sept. 20 just before 2 p.m.

“There’s one here, this bullet or this bullet, one of the two traveled through the hallway, ricocheted off the wall, and actually penetrated into the front door frame,” Sneed said as he showed KPRC 2 the remnants of the gunfire.

Damage was caused when Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies teamed up with DPS troopers who tried to apprehend the suspect, Dimitri Humphrey at Riverside Park behind their home.

“The shootout was actually right through there,” Sneed said pointing to the fence in his backyard.

Humphrey had been wanted since Sept. 9 after investigators said he shot and killed his girlfriend’s friend who was trying to help her leave the abusive relationship. Humphrey was shot and killed at the scene on Calumet Street 11 days later, but when the Sneeds got home, they realized all the bullets didn’t strike Humphrey.

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“Back here it looks like they shot a shotgun or something,” Sneed said. “See, we have a bullet hole in here and when it went in the inside, it just blew up everything in the inside.”

Including the busted air conditioner, damage is estimated at $14,500. Sneed said he hopes to be compensated, but there’s something even more concerning.

“It really puzzles me that they would shoot so many shots and no one would be concerned about where all the bullets went,” he added.

DPS said they will be reaching out to the Sneeds and are in the process of investigating to determine which shots were fired by each agency so the family can file a claim. They add anyone who sustained property loss because of a DPS shooting can reach out to the Texas Highway Patrol at (281) 446-4495.

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