‘Spencer Solves It’ trying to help firefighters with broken A/C

HOUSTON – Soaring temperatures, searing heat and hot temp advisories every day for weeks: That is what the men and women of the Houston Fire Department have to deal with on the job but at Fire Station 23, they are also dealing with the fact that their air conditioning system is not working and hasn’t been working for more than a week.

The city has brought in a few portable cooling units but the General Services Department said a new A/C unit will not be available until at least August 31, which is more than five weeks from now.

”It’s unreal to me that in today’s world, in the fourth largest city in the country, that these guys couldn’t rely on their city to take care of them,” Patrick Cassity, a concerned citizen from Magnolia said.

So now, Cassity has come up with a great idea to help our first responders at Station 23 out.

Why not get a portable trailer company to send a couple of portable trailers with air conditioning to Fire Station 23 and to other fire stations if they need it?

On Monday, I proposed that idea to Marty Lancton, President of The Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association.

It’s an idea that he thinks would work beautifully.

”That is a brilliant idea, that’s the kind of stuff we need to do to get things fixed,” said Lancton.

So now, I am putting out this plea to all of Houston, to every company that handles portable trailers.

Will you contact me and agree to provide several portable air-conditioned trailers to help out our brave firefighting men and women at Fire Station 23?

”First let me say, Bill, that there has not been a time that you have ever gotten involved, that you have not been able to get things moving and get things done. So we want to thank you for trying to help us out,” Marty said.

So there it is.

If you own or work for a portable trailer company and would be willing to donate two or three air-conditioned trailers to the men and women of Fire Station 23, please email me at bspencer@kprc.com.

Maybe together we can fix this difficult and dangerous situation.

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