More than 40 potential jurors are returning for Antonio Armstrong Jr. trial

Antonio Armstrong Jr. (center) walks into a Houston courtroom Dec. 11, 2019. (KPRC)

HOUSTON – It was a busy Wednesday for those involved in the Antonio Armstrong Jr. trial.

The morning began with attorneys questioning a juror from the first panel because of concerns about the case and the information they heard. That juror ultimately was excused.

As the day moved forward, 10 potential jurors from the third panel were heard. The jurors ranged from a college student to mental health experts, teachers, and an active lawyer.

4 out of 10 potential jurors asked to come back for Antonio Armstrong Jr.’s trial

Views on mental health disorders were a big topic in the courtroom.

“I don’t think someone goes out to hurt someone,” one juror told prosecutor John Jordan. “There is some build-up.”

Another juror who works in the mental health industry added, “Usually, there are some signs because there is a build-up.”

The juror continued to explain some disorders revolve around empathy. “Lack of empathy would be like a lot of violence at a young age. How did they treat family members and those at school.”

Two of the jurors who will be coming back on May 31 shared they have family members involved with law enforcement.

One juror told the court their father was a retired bailiff for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Another shared that their brother-in-law was a Sheriff in a different county.

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By the end of the day, attorneys and the judge agreed upon 41 potential jurors returning on May 31 for the final part of voir dire, where 12 jurors plus alternates are selected.

There are 13 potential jurors the court plans to hear from, which would give all of the parties more people to think about if they are selected to return.

The trial of the State of Texas vs Antonio Armstrong Jr. is expected to begin on June 5.

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