🔒PHOTOS: These are the insanely adorable animals born, acquired by the Houston Zoo in 2022

Houston Zoo births and acquisitions in 2022. (Houston Zoo, Courtesy of the Houston Zoo)

HOUSTON – The Houston Zoo welcomed a number of animals in 2022.

The beloved Hermann Park institution welcomed a baby monkey and a grown black bear with a chance at a new life. Take a look at the beloved new residents in the photos below.

Shasta and Louie!

PHOTOS: There’s a new UH Shasta; 2 orphaned cougar cubs acquired by Houston Zoo🐈🐈

Two male cougar cubs, found alone in Washington state, have found a new home at the Houston Zoo, the zoo said in November. The cubs have been named Shasta VII and Louie. Shasta VII, as well as Louie, will carry the long-standing tradition in partnership with the University of Houston Alumni Association and be ambassadors for their counterparts in the wild while faithfully representing the cougar spirit of the University of Houston from their home at the Houston Zoo.

Houston Zoo welcomes two orphaned cougar cubs, Shasta VII and Louie (Eric Berg/Houston Zoo)

Baby Betty!

VIDEO: Baby Betty: Tiny baby monkey found clinging to branch in Houston Zoo enclosure named after beloved ‘Golden Girls’ actress

Baby Betty – named after icon Betty White who died late last year – was found in the primate enclosure on Jan. 15. The baby was tiny and hanging onto a branch.

Goeldi's monkey named Betty (Jackelin Reyna/Houston Zoo)

Astro and Orbit!

PHOTOS: Houston Zoo names newborn flamingo chicks in honor of Astros

This is the first time in six years the Zoo has successfully hatched flamingo eggs. The chicks have been named Astro and Orbit, in honor of Houston’s major league baseball team.

Meet "Astro" and "Orbit," the newest additions at the Houston Zoo. Photo credit: Tom Hopwood. (The Houston Zoo)

Bruno and Pepa!

Cuteness overload! Meet the Houston Zoo’s newest bundles of joy, capybara pups Bruno and Pepa

The Houston Zoo recently welcomed it’s newest bundles of joy -- the capybara pups Bruno and Pepa, named for the characters from the beloved children’s film “Encanto.”

Capybara Babies 2022 (Jackelin Reyna/Houston Zoo)

Claud the Bear!

PHOTOS: Black bear makes debut at the Houston Zoo🐻

The young bear was named Claud by the Hamill Foundation. Claud came to the Houston Zoo from Reno, Nevada, where he was seen feeding near campsites on several occasions and appeared to be orphaned.

Claud the Bear at the Houston Zoo. (Tom Hopwood/Houston Zoo)

Orangutan Takai!

Takai arrived at the Houston Zoo in April from Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo.

New Male - Takai (Jackelin Reyna/Houston Zoo)

Tashi and Tsingy the Lemurs!

Two crowned lemurs arrived to the Zoo’s Wortham World of Primates lemur island from Oakland Zoo and Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo on May 26.

Crowned Lemur - New Male and Female 2022 (Jackelin Reyna/Houston Zoo)

Vida the Jaguar!

New Female - Vida (Jackelin Reyna/Houston Zoo)

Zawadi the Giraffe!

New Giraffe - Zawadi (Jackelin Reyna/Houston Zoo)

Vlad and Seana the Blue Duikers!

Blue Duiker 2022 (Jackelin Reyna/Houston Zoo)

The Houston Zoo is located in Hermann Park at 6200 Hermann Park Drive. For more information, visit houstonzoo.org.


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