PHOTOS: 28 baby egrets, blue herons released to the wild after they were found injured at protected breeding ground

An official from the Houston SPCA releases one of the birds into the wild after being treated for injuries. (Houston SPCA)

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Over 20 baby egrets and blue herons were released back into the wild after an investigation was launched where dozens of birds were found injured or dead at a northwest Harris County subdivision.

According to the Houston SPCA in a news release, 28 juvenile Great Egrets and Great Blue Herons were brought back to the wild after spending the past month and a half being treated for their injuries such as mangled legs, broken wings, and other internal injuries at the Wildlife Center of Texas.

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On May 13, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department called the Houston SPCA to conduct a rescue at the Town Lake neighborhood in Cypress where several birds were found alive inside a trash bag that also contained dead birds. The Houston SPCA reported that a tree trimming company apparently cut down the trees where the birds built their nests.

An official from the Houston SPCA releases one of the birds into the wild after being treated for injuries. (Houston SPCA)

On the property, 67 birds were found dead and 71 were injured or orphaned. Seventeen of those 71 had to be euthanized.

The Houston SPCA says migratory birds such as egrets and herons are protected by state law and federally protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, making it unlawful to kill, injure, or capture them.

The Wildlife Center of Texas cares for hundreds of different species every year. To learn more or to support the organization’s rescue and rehabilitation work, visit Wildlife Center of Texas online.

For information on how to handle the birds you visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, click here.

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