ONLY ON 2: Wife of man shot to death in front of son demands justice

HOUSTON – A mother and wife is now pushing for justice after her beloved husband and their son were robbed at gunpoint. Houston police said the suspects shot and killed the father in front of his son.

Charles Dade, 51, and his wife Latasha Dade had been married for 20 years.

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“My husband and I, that was my best friend, my soulmate,” Latasha said. “He loved teaching people how to turn their life around.”

Latasha said she is angry that two men stole the life of her beloved business partner and a community activist who always aimed to help people.

“Our passion was, we have a Montessori School...even though it’s the community where he got murdered, and it’s not the best area, we wanted to offer that to underprivileged children,” Latasha said.

On Friday around 10 p.m., Charles and his visiting son, 29-year-old Daniel “Boom” Modicure, went to wash his truck at a carwash on South Dairy Ashford Road at Richmond Avenue. HPD said two men in ski masks attempted to rob them at gunpoint, eventually shooting the son in the leg and shooting and killing his father at the car wash.

“What is it that they wanted? Why would you rob them? Why?” Latasha said. “Cowards! If they would have asked, my husband would have gave it to them. That’s the kind of people we are.”

Their son is still recovering from a gunshot wound. Latasha said the family is devastated, including her 13-year-old son.

“I have to be strong for my children. This is very hard for them,” Latasha said. “I want justice.”

The couple had multiple businesses they were running together to leave their children with a legacy, now she said she’s doing her best to deal with this all.

Meanwhile, the suspects remain at large.

Houston Police are asking anyone with information to give Crime Stoppers a call at (713) 222-TIPS.