Lured for $200: Suspect admits to role in death of 55-year-old Baytown grandmother, court docs show

CINCINNATI, Ohio – A suspect charged in the shooting death of a 55-year-old Baytown grandmother has been arrested in Cincinnati, Ohio and, according to court documents, has admitted to setting up the unsuspecting woman.

Damere Ricardo Ferguson, 18, has been charged with murder and tampering/ fabricating with physical evidence.

Ring surveillance, friends of the acquaintances and phone conversations with an incarcerated inmate were among the evidence that led investigators to Ferguson’s identity and the hand Ferguson allegedly played in the woman’s execution, documents show.

On March 8, Roxanne Innis was shot and killed outside her home in the 3100 block of Ohio Street near Louisiana Street around 7:30 p.m.

The woman had stepped outside after receiving a knock at her door from a stranger, who said they had sideswiped her car. That stranger was Ferguson and it was all a lie, investigators said.

Lying in wait, was a man armed with a gun. He shot Innis in the head when she went to check on her car, then sped off with Ferguson and another person.

Police arrived to find Innis lying face down in a pool of blood. Her grandson told them about the strange woman who appeared at their door.

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Clue #1

The first clue in the case was Ring surveillance video which showed a person wearing black scrubs and a black wig, sporting bright red lipstick and black fingernails. Police listened to audio from the camera and heard the person telling Innis that they had accidentally hit her car, and needed her to come outside and check the damages, documents state.

Footage of the Ring surveillance was released to the media and tips began to roll in.

Clue #2

The next clue came from a person claiming to be an acquaintance of the suspect seen in the video.

The acquaintance said the suspect was a transgender person, identified as Ferguson.

The acquaintance said Ferguson was seen wiping down a light blue Subaru with bleach, removing three floor mats, then throwing the items in a ditch. Investigators found the items at the reported location, according to documents.

The acquaintance also provided investigators with a secretly recorded conversation with Ferguson, in which Ferguson allegedly admitted to the crime.

Investigators were told that Ferguson used the nickname “Mookie,” and they matched the Ring video to Ferguson’s Facebook “MOOK2SHIESTYY” and Instagram “BIGGMOOK” accounts.

Clue #3

It was also learned that Ferguson had a boyfriend who was in the Harris County Jail. Investigators obtained recorded phone conversations between Ferguson and the boyfriend. The dates of those phone calls were March 8 and March 10. In both conversations, Ferguson mentioned the murder and the boyfriend warned Ferguson not to speak because of the possibility of jailers listening in, investigators said.

Clue #4

Investigators began to search Houston Police Department reports for stolen blue Subarus. They located one, which had been reported stolen in February, at a lot in north Houston. Investigators went to the storage lot and found the vehicle. It was missing three floormats and had dried blood in it, according to documents.

Clue #5

Detectives received a tip from an anonymous caller claiming to know the whereabouts of Ferguson. The tipster said Ferguson was hiding out in Ohio and gave the address where Ferguson could be found. Using that information, officers from the Cincinnati Police Department tracked down and arrested Ferguson, who was booked into the Hamilton County Jail.

Alleged confession

According to court documents, while in custody, Ferguson waived the statutory Miranda warnings and confessed. Ferguson allegedly admitted to luring Innis out so a man, only identified as “Mister,” could shoot her. Ferguson admitted to driving to Innis’s home and making up the story in order to get her to come outside. Ferguson said “Mister” was hiding near Innis’ car and once she got close enough, he grabbed her and shot her.

The cost of Innis’ life? Investigators said “Mister” paid Ferguson $200 to drive to the location and lure Innis outside. Ferguson was later paid $10,000 to remain silent and not go to the authorities, according to court documents.

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